Sexist, ageist, racist rapists.

By PNG Echo.

You shame me.

Historically, the comments on any article of mine that has opposed the popular opinion of the Facebook ‘elites’ has always elicited some pretty nasty responses.

I have suffered through threats of sexual violence, death threats involving sexual violence and …well…much more – always involving sexual violence.

The old, ugly, wrinkled, white lapun
The old, ugly, wrinkled, white lapun

Apparently, I am old, white wrinkled lapun who needs to be gang raped, for which I should be grateful, before I’m ripped apart and killed (and that’s just a bland summary – the details would take your breath away for their sheer depravity)

The insults always are to do with my age, my looks and the colour of my skin.

I am astounded how people who are, arguably, the most discriminated against become those that think nothing of perpetuating that behaviour in themselves.

Actually, this reverse discrimination is much worse because they really think it’s ok.  I cringe, for instance, every time a PNGean talks about “Abos” – and there is nothing I can do or say that will dissuaded them from the practise.  They just don’t care.

Anyway, it’s become all in a day’s work for me and that’s sad – this behaviour should never be normalized.

Yet, I plod on – believing the deviates are indeed a deviation from the normal, Papua New Guinean.

But this last episode, following an article analysing the student protests, has ramped up my shame factor exponentially.

I am deeply, deeply ashamed; not of me, but of you.

You profess to be a spiritual, religious and Christian country – yet so many of you say things that would make the devil blush and have violent sexual fantasies that are more depraved than anything I’ve ever heard.

I have just spent a sleepless night erasing hundreds of comments from my Facebook page that no one should be subjected to – and I am talking of my readers, not me.

And people are furious that I delete – quoting their right to a voice – however totlally inappropriate.  Others think I delete their comments  because they are so clever, that I just can’t stand their brilliance.

Their right to an opinion is balanced by the right of others not to have to listen to it and believe me, if the comments proffered were brilliant, I’d like nothing better than to engage in a meaningful discussion with the writer.  No, they are always petty, childishly argumentative and trite with a personal attack and profanity thrown in for good measure.  If your comments were erased, it would have been always for one of those reasons – so don’t flatter yourselves.

I am ashamed that because people are my ‘friends’ whether Facebook friends, or in reality – they should be exposed to so much vicious invective.

Buka, August 2015

The comments have been so very vicious and depraved that most of them I couldn’t repeat. But I am gobsmacked that anyone – let alone hundreds of people can come up with that many four-letter words and that many depraved and disgusting concepts and put them in a sentence with Susan Merrell.

My greatest sadness is that many of these commenters are women – and they’re among the most vicious.

When a woman lives in constant fear of sexual violence, why would she wish it visited on another woman – and in such graphic detail.

I have recently opened another Facebook page that will be reserved for actual friends and family – do you know why? To protect them from you and your disgusting comments – and you know who you are.

They need protecting.

Girona, Costa Brava, Spain - May 2016
Girona, Costa Brava, Spain – May 2016

I had a running joke that I shared with my cousin who lives in Wales about a naked man at a window – at some stage she privately messaged me asking me what I knew about a certain PNGean who was a Facebook friend of mine.

She said: “I thought I’d just check with you before I tell this deviate just what I think of him because it seems he’s a fairly prominent citizen in PNG – he’s making disgusting suggestions and I don’t know what to do knowing you probably know him. Help me out here.”

Who am I to visit this on my family?

I am at a loss to understand why the writers of these comments aren’t themselves deeply ashamed of what they’ve written. What ideology or doctrine are they following that makes a virtue out of depraved bullying and extreme prejudice?

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35 thoughts on “Sexist, ageist, racist rapists.

  1. Hi Susan, I am sorry you have to encounter this. I read your posts daily and like some of your posts and dislike others. Yes, I don’t like some of the posts you write but this does not give me the right to post abusive or offensive comments on your posts and even Facebook. I am not a friend of yours and don’t use Facebook much so don’t know what has been said. I hope my fellow PNGians are more professional when commenting on your posts or Facebook blogs and respect your view or the view of any other person. If people are not happy with one person’s posts on any social media blogs, they must comment professionally criticising what they said was wrong or biased and not personal attacks. People need to grow up I suppose.

    • I don’t expect you to agree with what I say – holus bolus. But I hope I always give you something to think about. It would be so easy to jump on the ‘popular’ bandwagon – but I don’t do that, I take the hard road because I have integrity.

  2. Susan,

    You have become an apologist for the PNG government.
    It’s wrong that people are being rude to you in a sexist way, but you are still defending corruption.

    The students were right to demand there right to march and the police would have been sensible to have let them.

    They were allowed to marched in LAE and there was no looting.

    To blame unarmed students for getting themselves shot is ridiculous,
    Churchill got the army to shoot striking miners in Tonypandy and Churchills name is still mud in South Wales.

    You should support the rights of people to protest not use the old right wing slur of agitators, reds under the bed etc

    • Clearly, you haven’t read the article. I never said it was correct that the police responded as they did – but it was not unexpected, they always do. I actually think that they should have been allowed to march because then it probably would have fizzled – like it did in Lae. I know the students were hell bent on creating a martyr and the authorities played into their hands. The people organising this protest, and they are political figures, got what they were after – probably a bit more. And rude is just a bit of an understatement. Abusive,defamatory and criminally threatening would be more accurate – and all because I didn’t agree with them. And you don’t think, after that, that there could have been a tad of intimidation happening there – I mean they are so reasonable towards any opposition.

  3. You get what you deserve for supporting a corrupt regime. Don’t whinge. You deserve more barrage if you are not impartial in your comments.

    • Interpretation: what he means is “if you don’t agree with me’. I take it that’s a threat, William? Will you be participating in this ‘”barrage”? If so, is that your real email address? You’re on your own here, Mate. There will be no one along to help you.

  4. Some People of this country are intelligent people yet it is hard for them to accept another’s point of view. Peter O’Neil has good intentions towards the country. What did the other Prime Ministers bring to the table after 40 years? Nothing or probably only little. He was able to rebuild stadiums and roads and highways oh and not forgetting hosting International Meetings/Conventions. Everybody saw the bad side of him but only a few saw the changes he made. Me may be corrupt but at least he did something. Your blog, is good as it allows people to see the country’s situation from another angle. I’ve seen a lot of insults and threats to you and for sure it is disgusting. 40 years on and looks like people still have a primitive mindset and this mostly comes from people who are educated and think they are Christians. Screws those “Keyboard Warriors” #thumbsupPNGEcho

  5. I’m a Papua New Guinean and a female and I’m ashamed of my country men and women, no one should call you what they do on facebook it’s embarrassing for me to see them doing that I’m outraged by it everytime. I like your posts on facebook but I barely comment knowing how people would react, being that I don’t like to argue because some of them are just to stubborn and irrational . And the way some comment it’s just plain nasty and none of them can ever give a good excuse for the manner in which their language is phrased. Anyway, I’m a student too at UPNG and I’m saddened by my fellow students who have been shot and in the hospital and no one of them deserved that, they widely called themselves intellects or intellectuals they all know police brutality is widely known and yet they decided to test that out. However, the boycott was illegal in the first place because we staff and students were forced out of class which violated our individual rights to an education and other humanitarian rights and told we were having a boycott. And no one thought to hold a referendum to ask whether the students actually wanted to go ahead with it or not. Unitec in Lae on the other hand did everything in a more legal way which gave them the OK to conduct their protests and boycott their classes with the majority in favor. Many people don’t see that it’s because of the difference between how the Lae Unitec held their referendum which was during the upng students boycott and before they started to boycott and that is why the upng students were refused so many times because they never followed proper regulations but they are just plain stubborn and strong headed with their pride of being higher intellectualls to even look at things that they might have done wrong . Anyways May the Good Lord be with those who were injured towards a speedy recovery!

    • Yes, if there is one thing everyone agrees on and that’s no one deserves to be shot. Thank you for your insightful comment.

  6. Hi Susan,
    I don’t know you but I’ve read your articles with interest. You’ve done well, keep your head high.

    James Kulom

  7. Many of my fellow Papua New Guineans tend to resort to some form of abuse to make up for being intellectually challenged, because they don’t know how else to respond to truth and constructive criticism. Especially when it’s coming from a woman. Many of the abusive characters are usually the sheep just going with the flow, like they usually do during elections. Mark my words, like the sheep they are, these fools will elect the same leaders come elections, then beat their drums and cry foul on the streets of Moresby for the next four years. you do what you do Susan, and continue to remind them of how stupid they are. Then maybe one day they will come to their senses and expose the wolves they walk with. You are appreciated.

    • Thank you for the support and kind words. My fervent wish is that I can, somehow, lift the level of discussion so that PNG Echo becomes a real platform for informed debate that could be a game changer in Paoua New Guinea. Unfortunately, at the moment, I seem to have my time cut out dealing with this very upsetting abusive rhetoric. I don’t want PNG echo to just become another populist blog that achieved little but to sing to the choir. Any ideas on how to sweep away the trees and retain the forest would be appreciated.

  8. That’s true some of the comments are just way out of topic and very distasteful if not downright barbaric. I admire how you say things bluntly. Papua New Guinea needs that frankness. I think people are offended when you’re blunt, it’s our culture not to blunt but to be subtle. With all this craziness I apploud you for taking the stand and saying things bluntly, you are indeed helping people to have a clear veiw on things especially politics.

    • I only know how to be blunt – it is not in my culture to have any artifices – and I am a product of my culture. You eont die wondering what I think. I understand that’s not always a good thing and I try not to let it become rampant.

  9. Susan, although I do not agree with some of your posts, I appreciate the fact that you keep the balance in that most Papua New Guineans and other so-called freelance journalists on certain social media are so desperate to see PO ousted that they even go to that extent of creating misleading information based on assumptions. I think you also do the same to support PO or whoever that has your sympathy.

    I try to base my judgment and opinions between these two extremes…

    • I do try to balance the rampant anti o’neillism. If only one his detractors would come up with a viable alternative instead of just wanting wanton destruction of a government, it would be different. O’Neill has done some good things and people would do well to remember. He’s certainly better than his opposition.

  10. It is so disappointing that this barrage of hate has been directed at you. I do believe that the majority of PNGeans are good people, however these scum that are attacking you in a sexual, racial, hate filled and abusive way have sick degenerate minds. The type of derogatory remarks you are getting are not the way to debate any issues and the foul manner in which they are encapsulated shows a complete lack of knowledge of the issues as well as the English language.
    People should note the old saying from Evelyn Beatrice Hall ” I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

  11. Many Papua New Guineans especially the Highlanders are always like that my friend. They were actually civilized only some decades ago so they still have a lot of ethical problems.
    Any thing bad that comes out of the country and reaches a global audience is always perpetrated by these people.
    It’s a pity indeed for these people. Hopefully they will change for the better.

    • Silvitory that is a pretty shallow and Insignificant view of a race. Not all Highlanders are the same, please be responsible when you are commenting.

    • As much as there is some truth to what you are saying. That is a generalization that does not sit well with a lot of Highlanders who are good peace loving citizens. Stop your regionalism. No region is better or worse than the other.

  12. Good evening. Despite being on the ‘late bus’ here, I have read with interest, your post on the irony of student protests in the country. I have also noted the posts by various individuals about the nature of social media attacks that you have had to endure.
    I am saddened but not surprised that many of the ‘hate’ comments that are directed at you have been shots that are way below the belt. I would also concur with various other individuals that such unconstructive comments are unnecessary and counter productive to any hope of ‘intellectual’ discussions in any forum.
    In saying that, I guess that whilst we all hope to have our say, any form of public commentary or stance against the general public sentiments (no matter how irrational, how I’ll-informed, how blindly passionate/sentimental) the good, the bad & the ugly all comes with the territory.

    And contrary to the evidence as presented through the negative responses to your commentaries, not all Papua New Guinean’s (let alone any critical thinking individual) are as narrow minded as either you or the rest of the readers/followers/friends are compelled to believe (but I can’t say I blame you though…)
    I guess at the end of the day, like you have aptly mentioned… You are a product of your culture… And yes.. In many ways.. We are a product of ours… But I hope that we are not chained to such stereotypical labels. And that maybe… Just maybe… One day… We can break free of these shackles of conformity… And all engage in constructive and powerful dialogue that transcend all boundaries…be it.. race, gender, socio-economic background and the plethora of demarcations that we seem so good at creating ourselves.

    My thoughts.

    • I am fervently hoping that the impression that these foul-mouthed people are creating is indeed a false one. It never happens when I’m in country – people are different face to face and many are disarmingly charming.

  13. Hi Susan,

    My name is Kennie, I’m 23 years, female.
    I would like to firstly apologize for the rude, sexist and disgusting comments aimed at you by other Papua New Guinean men and womenfolk.
    You probably already know this but PNG IS sexist. Partriarchal culture embedded in the minds of women and all that internal misogyny that causes females to hate each other, to fight for men’s approval, and be very vicious in dehumanizing other Females is very much alive.

    Yes PNG folk are ageists. My own mother suffered at the tongue of everyone she knew JUST because she had a 5 year old girl(myself)at 24 years of age when she married her husband who was 2 years younger. “Lapun ya” they called her, “Em man blo em or pikinini blo em”.

    Rape, rape culture and victim blaming is thriving ridiculously. Two months ago I received news that my small sister back home experienced attempted rape. I have never felt so much hate for the community, the men and the women in that village for the victim blaming they did.

    These so called “Christian” people always policing women, don’t go here, don’t go there, don’t wear this, you’ll be asking for it, you’ll get raped. Never will you hear a police superintendent or leader say “MEN, for fxcksake stop raping!”

    God, remember that young girl who was raped and videoed last year by school boys? Man, the comments made by females on that thread were apalling!

    What I’m trying to say is that I agree with you 100%. This the sorry state majority of Papua New Guineans are in. Just for having an opinion they attacked you. I’m really sorry for that.

    Thank-you for shedding light on this so people can see and learn something new. Sexism, ageism, and raping is NOT right. Stop oppressing Females.

    Note: I don’t follow politics. I just don’t like how my country treats females. I am a feminist.

  14. Your continued silence on my comments clearly indicates to me that my pidgeon-holing of you where I did as explained in my last comments on this issue was spot on – what is it about my comments, sinabada that frightens you into this silence of censorship?

  15. Susan, I have read your comments on some occasions and on some occasions I just don’t bother to read, I have.been.too close to some of the government department heavies to know how corrupt they have been, however I have a high integrity for the work I do to respect what I know and to allow those information to be processes within respected protocols, I don’t use the information for my own interest nor to benefit from it.

    However, I can tell you with the access to that information is that sometimes you have to be cautious and apply wisdom in educating the masses, I your post many a times statements in support of the current regime, it’s good when there is absolute truth, but many a times I see your emotional charged messages that will always incite.anger when one has seen and witnessed the gravity of wrong doing or corruption against people you support. message to you is to take a step back and review your arguments build more wisdom into it and propose for positives sides but to bring normalcy and outcomes more.acceptable and will bring respect to yourself and order and peace. At this stage I condone those who are using fail language it’s not accepted, I would ask that you allow more wisdom in.your arguments then your usual.

    • Thank you for your counsel – but I think it’s been too long that ‘respecting custom’ has meant telling less than the truth- lying by omission if you like. Tell the truth and shame the devil, I say. And it seems that that is exactly what’s happening. They just do not want to hear the truth do will do anything (and I do mean , anything) to avoid removing their head from the sand.

  16. Hi, Susan
    I am a PNGean, who also follows your posts with great interest, yes I do agree with your comments and am sorry of such defamatory, abusive comments that you recieve, not only of the most recent UPNG student issues but of earlier posts of yours also.
    It is ashame that the socalled intellectual christians of PNG actually make such abusive comments instead of participating in meaningful debates.
    Just keep it together and hold your head high. Some of us like reading commentaries.

  17. Jiks Kange: How old are you? Did your parents ever teach you to respect both your elders and people that patently know more than you do? Did they ever teach you that it is abject arrogance to presume that someone like me, needs advice from someone like you (and I won’t go into detail as to what that actually means because I know will only unleash the unrestrained savage beast in you and others like you who have neither the intelligence, not the maturity to tame it.) Next time I’m wrong, I’ll let you know.

  18. I agree with you on this. I have seen some of the vile, inappropriate and disgusting comments left behind about you personally, while I don’t agree with you on some of your points I would never want to see these awful threats. I actually called another person out on it on your PNG echo facebook page and either he deleted his post or you did yourself. It was vile and I didn’t like it so I said something. Keep deleting inappropriate comments and it’s very upsetting to see, you have tougher skin than me. Good work

  19. Doc Merrel, nobody deserves to be abused in the manner in which you have been subjected to. All commentators have an obligation to be ethical in their discourse. That we can’t be is a sad indictment on our ability to progress our thoughts into more meaningful communication. I hope for a better future where we can respect another’s right to his/her opinion without contending that that person is wrong in his/her facts.

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