Four years ago – have things changed?

By PNG Echo

I have forgotten how stunned the audience was after giving my speech at Bordeaux University, France, four years ago. Have we become so inured to the problems in PNG that we’ve normalized them?  Link to a video of the speech.

4 Years Ago Today
I said:
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I am currently in France and have given a paper at a French University on the socio-economic effects of the extractive industry on the people of PNG and their (your) response to environmentalism.
Taking into account my audience, the paper had to cover some very basic information. Many knew nothing at all about PNG.

I purposely steered away from the sensationally negative and didn’t even broach the law and order issues.

The reaction I got was stunned silence.

Then one woman said.

I think I speak for many when I say, I don’t know how to react to that. It’s all so grim.

Now I was the one who was stunned. Have I become so inured that I have normalised behaviour that shocks others?

Stepping outside your own context once in a while is handy to gain perspective, isn’t it?

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