Jais Aben Resort issues a “Toksave and Warning” on PNG Party!”

By PNG Echo.

Jais Aben Resort has warned of lack of integrity in PNG Party as the party defaults on a large payment.

The leader of the PNG Party – a party lacking integrity

In information sent to all its web members and suppliers of goods and services, the resort complained about an unpaid account of K65,000 that was run up when the PNG Party, led by Belden Namah, held an official function there earlier this year.

When additional services were required by the party, the Resort graciously provided them and extended credit to the Party for the extra services, on a gentleman’s agreement. The agreement was that the account for the extra services would be settled the Tuesday following the function.

However, it seemed the resort was not dealing with the gentlemen it thought it was and eight weeks later and after many attempts to collect the money, Secretary of the Party, Mr Kila Poka, wrote to say:

“I’ve been too much bordered [sic]. I decided to have a bit of a break.”

The account remains unpaid and the Resort intends to take court action to recover the money.

“This is a cautionary tale for anyone extending credit to this outfit,” Jais Aben Resort has written.

The beautiful Jais Aben Resort, Madang

Mr Jerry Scott from the Resort said that the outfit were given the opportunity “to prove they were the people they purported to be,” but that it was an “epic fail” on the party’s part,

The Resort finished by saying:

“If you are a supporter of the PNG Party, you might want to think twice [about giving them your vote] since if elected they would have access to the nation’s cash register.”

It seems that the management of Jais Aben Resort believes that certain people representing the PNG Party lack integrity and honesty – a belief formed by bitter experience involving a serious breach of trust

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