Manus Island: What did they expect?

Much has been written on the plight of the asylum seekers on Manus Island but as dire as their plight is, there are other casualties of Australia’s callous politically motivated policy: the people of Manus Island.

By PNG Echo

To establish an Asylum Seeker Detention Centre with less than humane conditions on an island in a country with such profound problems that media commentators have referred to it, variably, as a ‘hell hole’ or a ‘failed state’…well, what was the Australian government thinking?  (Oh yes, the polls.)

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Rausim: Detention Centre at Manus Island

By PNG Echo

While PNG Echo strives to provide its readers with original content, in this instance, I feel that this letter from Amnesty International is worthy of compromising that position.

The letter asks for help to spread the message – as the situation is disgusting (you wouldn’t treat an animal as badly), how can one refuse?  From the tone of the letter, the situation is also urgent!

art-refugee-620x349This detention centre on Manus is to Australia’s abiding shame and by default PNG’s also.

PNG does not need to adopt another country’s problems nor to contribute to the misery of the most wretched.  PNGeans are better than this!  Rausim!

Letter from Amnesty.

Dear Susan,

I’ve just come back from a week at Manus Island detention centre.

While many journalists have been denied access, our Amnesty research team was let inside. Now for the first time we’re able to reveal what life and conditions are like inside this secretive detention centre.

What we found inside was bleak, and far worse than we anticipated. The entire system is designed to mentally break asylum seekers and force them to return from where they’ve fled. In one compound we found 112 asylum seekers crammed into a sweltering, windowless shed.

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