The Inaugural VONC Awards

By PNG Echo

To recognise outstanding achievement in matters concerning the Vote of No Confidence the committee (me) would like to make the following awards. In the category of

KNaru_ResizedBest Speech the winner is:
– the Governor of Morobe who displayed a profound understanding of the issues surrounding this vote and articulated them with a razor sharp analysis – especially in that which concerned the ‘Separation of Powers’.

1609803_10152547043623574_471502395_nThe Yeah Yeah Yeah award also goes to Morobe and is won by:
SAM BASIL– who displayed none of the above but whose words inspired the next award.

The Mispronunciation award, that goes to the word:
OPPOSHISHUN closely rivalled by DESHISHUN

In the ‘Best Dressed’ category the award was unanimously voted as going to:
BEN MICAH – Was his suit a political statement or does he just look good in yellow?


0317np2The Let’s Keep Them Guessing award goes to:
PAIAS WINGTI – who kindly kept the whole nation entertained for seven days playing ‘Where’s Wingti’?  He was in Port Moresby and voted with government.  Who got it right?


James-MarapeIn the category of Best Comeback the award goes to:
JAMES MARAPE – whose quick and incisive replies floored a couple of prominent members of the Opposition including Kerenga Kua, the practiced litigator.


5160696-3x2-940x627Best timing goes to:
THEO ZURENUOC: – the Speaker of the House whose call for a vote was a relief to most (see the ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ category that proved to be a strongly contested award) and that prompted the following category of…


Namah styleBest Tantrum and was won by:
BELDEN NAMAH – who is poised to make this category his own with his foot-stamping, fist thumping rhetoric – “Give us a chance to debate – I will not sit down until I debate.” He must be still standing because in the next category…

6a00d83454f2ec69e2017c32c40800970b-800wiBest Sense of Humour, …where the winner is, once again, Speaker of the House:
THEO ZURENUOC – He presided over the proceedings with good humour, a ready smile and who wisely responded not with sanctions, but with amused laughter at the above recalcitrant.

Peter+O'NeillBut the Gold VONC goes to the Honourable PETER O’NEILL, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (then and now) for his decisive win of 85 to 21.

Hail the Chief.

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Lest we forget: Francis Potape, Tumbi Yari and PNG Constructions.

Francis Potape
Francis Potape – 2010

Corruption fighters of PNG: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to establish a link between Tumbi Yari and MP Francis Potape of Komo Margarima in the Southern Highlands Province with Western Highlands registered PNG Constructions and its Director William Onglo of  Chimbu . Here’s what I’ve got,  now it’s over to you.


By PNG Echo

What do a Government MP, a senior public servant and a Construction Company have in common?  If that question reads like the beginning of a corny joke, it isn’t.

The answer’s not even remotely funny.  In PNG, these are some of the key ingredients for corruption.

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The week that was – 25 November 2013:

The Budget, the conviction, the OC referral, the Opposition and the Barmy Army, and a Lam to the slaughter

By PNG Echo

 Hooray for Sam!

Sam Koim. The hero of the hour
The hero of the hour

PNG Echo’s first duty to ‘the week that was’ is to congratulate Sam Koim and the members of Task-Force Sweep (TFS) for the conviction against the now-proven corrupt MP, Paul Tiensten.  Here’s hoping the sentence adequately reflects the crime.  May it be the first conviction of many.

Sam Koim has a few people justifiably rattled judging by his posting on Facebook of the attempted hi-jack and robbery of his offices last week.  It was unsuccessful and the team lives to fight another day.  Corruption, you may have just met your match.  You have a reason to be afraid. Bravo Sam and team.

 The resurrection and Dr Manoka

Dr Billy Manoka - referred to Public prosecutor by OC
Dr Billy Manoka – referred to Public prosecutor by OC

Good news: the Ombudsman’s Commission is alive and well (?)- Just when I thought that, one day, someone would access their offices just to find a ghost department drifting in a sea of apathy – (much the same as when they found the ship the Marie Celeste floating at sea with no one on board) – up pops a referral to the Public Prosecutor of Dr Billy Manoka the Associate Commissioner of the Independent Consumer Competition Commission for alleged misconduct in office.  The allegations were heard by the OC and responded to by Dr Manoka over two and a half years ago.  It seems the OC is not dead, just slow.

Naughty Billy has neglected to fulfil the statutory requirements of one in public office and has failed to submit annual financial statements to the OC.  Social media commentators have criticized the OC for concentrating on what they regard as a misdemeanour by Dr Manoka while seeming to ignore more flagrantly egregious matters.

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