Ok Tedi Landowner company rorted: Mangi Mining with Tony Stone:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Lord Acton

O'Neill taks control of Ok Tedi
O’Neill takes control of Ok Tedi

As Peter O’Neill seeks to gain absolute power and control over revenues from Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML), another power hungry man, Paul Anthony Povey, rises to fame and fortune through mismanagement and corruption of the mine’s umbrella landowner company, Fubilan Catering Services (FCS).

The power monopoly was established on the arrival of the new incumbent to the job of CEO of Ok Tedi, Alan Breen, in 2007, when he removed the reputable international caterer, Eurest South Pacific, as managers of FCS and appointed a single person, Paul Povey as Manager.

Paul Povey
Paul Povey

Observers attribute the start of Povey’s rise to fame, fortune and power to the very close personal relationship he established with Breen between 2007 and 2010.

With this appointment, Povey gained control over the company’s management, it’s finances and overwhelming influence over the ill-educated, ill-informed and ignorant local directors who represent the shareholders in the investment company Star Mountain whose investment (FCS) Povey was managing.

 Favours for friends and living the high life

Despite criticism from the OTML community, Breen, compromising the integrity of the office of the Managing Director, pursued the relationship with Povey to the point of using his position to influence decisions in Povey’s favour.

Twin Otter Aircraft at Tabubil Airport
Twin Otter Aircraft at Tabubil Airport

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‘Allo ‘Allo! What’s happening in Alotau?

(editor’s note) Would a concerned citizen who has the means, please print out this article and distribute amongst the citizens of Milne Bay, Alotau.  Thank you.

By a concerned citizen and a confused observer.

Milne Bay Province (MBP) is an undiscovered jewel in PNG’s tourism industry. But, it looks as if some businesses are positioning themselves to bring about a change to this.  Has anyone else noticed the changes taking place on our beach-fronts?

Milne Bay 2

Look at this picture: an ugly concrete wharf jutting out into this beautiful bay; it’s rumored that this is only one of two or more such jetties built of concrete and strategically located in our beautiful bays.



This surely means that someone is getting ready to do business – a concrete jetty, naturally protected deep water bay, a beautiful people, friendly coastline and even a small clean community market – ideal for a tourist business, but whose? Is it going to be ours or some big business company who will move in and move us out?

It’s not as if the jetty is ‘user-friendly’ for local dinghies; indeed, why aren’t the local dinghies tied to the jetty? There are no women, children and men throwing out lines; no dinghy owners and passengers jostling to load up and head up along the northern coastline to Taupota-Wamira-Wedau-Baniara and keep going. Did the local communities ask for an unsustainable concrete jetty? If not, then why was this jetty (and the others) built on our front beach?

Locals on the beach
Locals on the beach

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