Redeeming Moti – The book

Was Julian Moti guilty?

The answers are contained in the revelations of ‘ Dr Susan Merrell’s newly-released book ‘Redeeming Moti’.

In it she successfully unravels the complexities of a political situation that was conflated with heinous sexual criminal charges to give a compelling explanation and analysis of a saga that involved four nations, brought down one Pacific government and threatened another.

Told through the experience of the author when, during the court proceedings, she sought to reveal what was being hidden behind a veil of contempt promoted by the nature of the charges. In the effort to redeem Moti, did she end up losing herself?

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2 thoughts on “Redeeming Moti – The book

  1. I have yet to read the book in its entirety. All that I have so far been able to lay my eyes on have been scattered reviews.

    The lingering question in my mind has long been this: what was it that Julian Moti knew that Australian Security and its proxies were so afraid of and that drove them to such desperate lengths in their failed attempt to destroy Julian Moti? A central critical cluster of issues for me: Biketawa/, RAMSI/the Solomons so called crisis and Moti.

    Australia is a smallish empire of evil in the larger ‘seascape’ that was once known as Oceania, now part of a large seascape where the imaginary line of demarcation between the Pacific and Indian oceans has been obliterated as Australia, India and the US (and NZ) work overtime at “containing” China.

    • Try Amazon, ibooks, booktopia or most other online sellers. After having read the book perhaps those questions will have been answered. It is an authoritative account.

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