Somare’s Singapore sling leaves Koim with a hang-over

By PNG Echo

The Grand Chief - irrevocably implicated
The Grand Chief – irrevocably implicated

The recent revelation that PNG’s former Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, was named in a Singapore criminal prosecution as a recipient of $US784, 000.00 (K2, 540,000.00) has exposed Sam Koim’s position as a so-called anti-corruption fighter in PNG, as fundamentally compromised.

Since Task Force sweep was decommissioned by the NEC, Koim has been kept afloat by unknown private sources.

Is it Somare himself, or Somare’s political allies who are providing this funding?

It’s really time Koim came clean with the people of PNG about who is funding his operations.  If Koim is, in fact funded by Somare or Somare’s political allies, this may explain Koim’s failure to prosecute or pursue Somare for this Singapore sling, wouldn’t it?

It might also suggest that the purpose of Koim’s relentless and well-funded attempts to remove O’Neill from his office as Prime Minister, is to install Koim’s pro-Somare benefactors in office, to protect him from prosecution for this crime?

Somare’s involvement in this scam, and the evidence required to conclusively prove it was provided to Sam Koim at the beginning of 2013, and Koim himself has publicly stated that he undertook some sort of official investigation . He declined to comment to the ABC reporter on whether or not Sir Michael had been interviewed by the Task Force.

The prosecution in Singapore was commenced in 2012, and Koim was provided with the evidence in 2013. Why has it taken so long for Koim to act in this matter? Has he even undertaken that basic, fundamental step of interviewing Somare in the investigation process?

The famous crying 'selfie' - are crocodile tears a fitting tribute
The famous crying ‘selfie’ – are crocodile tears a fitting tribute

According to Koim, he was unable to institute any prosecution in this matter because he was “defunded” by the O’Neill government. Again, given his pursuit of the current Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill through the courts of PNG since 2014, this is also hard to accept.

He seems to have garnered sufficient funds to maintain his home, his office and his own sustenance. He had sufficient funds available to illegally engage an expensive team of international and local lawyers, including Greg Egan, and Terry Lambert from Brisbane.

He had sufficient funds to orchestrate the unsuccessful prosecution of the Attorney General, a Supreme Court Judge, and several Police Commissioners, and anyone else who stood in the way of his contrived attack on the Prime Minister.

So Koim had no trouble financing these prosecutions, all of which failed. At best, they wasted precious resources (wherever they may have come from) which could have been more successfully spent prosecuting Somare.

Koim’s antics since 2013 have all been financed by persons unknown, bent on seeing O’Neill stood aside from the office of Prime Minister, at all costs, including the corruption of the prosecutorial and judicial systems.

Who would benefit from such a thing? Why, Somare and his political supporters would, of course.  It’s time Koim revealed who is paying him.

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9 thoughts on “Somare’s Singapore sling leaves Koim with a hang-over

  1. Thanks Susan for your current analyses and providing evidence of money laundering by Somare but would you do the same for Peter O’Neil? You are definitely pro O’Neil but it is clear that all our PM’s are bunch of thieves just like our so called founding father of this nation. I challenge you to do an investigation on O’Neil as you have contacts who provided you with concrete evidence. They can do the same for you again. What do you think?


  2. Am I right in thinking that Koim was working in the Office of the Solicitor General while Kerenga Kua was Attorney-General and wasn’t that around 2012 or 2013 when Koim became aware of Somare’s sins (or some of them)?

    What has happened to Koim’s application for judicial review? Why was he resisting attempts to reveal who was funding him? There are a couple of things that are clear: (1) Koim is politically compromised beyond repair, and (2) Koim is a corruption vigilante who lacks the transparency and accountability that are the features of any good and honest government body.

    Koim’s self-styled superhero status and his deluded fawning fans make me sick … and sad for the future of my beloved country.

  3. The man needs to be questioned in relation to who is funding his activities (including the retinue of lawyers) and a comfortable life style. Is this difficult for the police? He is visibly pushing an agenda. He does not occupy any official position but he holds himself out as a person with mandate and is progressing an ‘official’ agenda. What he is doing can easily amount to sedition. A investigation is warranted at the least.

  4. You hit the nail on the head, “WK”. I could not agree more. Wouldn’t it be good if they set up a Commission of Inquiry into the expenditure of the money intended for the Community Colleges and if the terms of reference for that Commission of Inquiry included the payments to Somare and what Koim knew, when and why he did nothing about it?

  5. I wonder why people use GOD’S name in vain. Koim was such and I was one of his staunch supporters but if this works out to be true, I am killing myself. WHO CAN I TRUST IN THIS COUNTRY? Mr Koim had better come out and tell the truth if you are being funded by Somare and his regime. Friday the 16th will be our 41st Independence Celebration; What is there to celebrate?



  6. Am freaking sick and tired why people don’t wanna tell the truth, instead Dishonest and covered there butt by utilize Heavenly Father’s name to gain favor and trust from people! Haaaa PNG, whom shall I trust???
    I don’t need a leader to lead me, Only the one who atone for me.

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