The Joker in the crowd

Militant activist (?) seeks permission for crowd to be arrested. Permission denied
By PNG Echo

Rossini's Figaro - a scoundrel who gets ahead by being all things to all people.
Rossini’s Figaro – a scoundrel who gets ahead by being all things to all people.

No seriously! The irony was completely lost on this Court Jester, this wannabe: wannabe lawyer, wannabe politician, wannabe journalist…Figaro here, Figaro there…

Bryan Kramer, the legal expert impersonator (who has managed to convince some gullible people that he’s legally qualified) took himself down to Unagi Oval today to inform the dozen or so protesters that they were committing an illegal act and that they should take themselves down to police station and be arrested (Most lawyers try to keep people out of jail but not Bryan – perhaps they should have given him the keys to the cells and he could have become their jailer too…Figaro up, Figaro down.)

Anyway, being the fine upstanding citizen that he is, he firstly asked permission of the police commander Ben Turi for the people to hand themselves in for breaking the law. Turi would not hear of such a thing and told them if they marched down to police headquarters to be arrested, they would be breaking the law and he would arrest them, so they didn’t.

It has all the hallmarks of an Edwardian farce, doesn’t it?

"Daylight for miles at Unagi Oval."
“Daylight for miles at Unagi Oval.”

What’s more, even if there were precious few protesters – one eye witness saying “it was daylight for miles,” and that the police presence of six vehicles swelled the numbers at the oval exponentially, Kramer’s generous offer to pay bail monies for all who couldn’t afford it was still astonishing.

Firstly, I’m sure, everyone would have taken up his offer, I mean, who would  be so churlish as to refuse such generosity? Not in PNG – where money talks.

Still, I don’t know what the hell it’s saying to Kramer, I mean, here’s a man with no visible means of support pledging potentially thousands of Kina – where would he get the money?

I guess he could be in receipt of a generous allowance from his Uncle Frank, but I doubt whether Uncle Frank would approve of his young gung-ho nephew using his money, some of which is earned on government contracts, to fund subversion.

Bryan Kramer, the jailbird. Figaro here...Figaro there...
Bryan Kramer, the jailbird. Figaro here…Figaro there…

So who else could be funding this? It’s the perennial question, isn’t it? Sam Koim, Timothy Gitua, Matthew Damaru, Lucas Kiap – where’s all the money coming from?

Lucas Kiap recently committed a serious faux pas in acknowledging the help of Mark Davis, Public Relations Man for PNGSDP for his cause – I think publicly pledging money that one does not have the means to provide on one’s own is equally revealing. Where are you getting it from, Bryan?


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3 thoughts on “The Joker in the crowd

  1. The rule of law will surely find its way out.
    Laws are meant to be amended only for the good of the people in accordance to the dignity of the constitution.
    No other- apart from that, no matter how specific one try to solve a broken fragment of it using the same law, it will still remain broken until it is solved.

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