Twivey and Sakora arrested: Justice scorned

By PNG Echo

Tiffany Twivey-manhandled
Twivey, Manhandled

The accosting and arrest of lawyer, Tiffany Twivey, at Jacksons Airport, yesterday, is a considerable blight on every law enforcement officer in Papua New Guinea by association with senior but rogue police officers, Damaru and Gitua and the Machiavellian, Sam Koim.

When around 10 plain-clothes police started shouting aggressively at Twivey after she’d exited the arrivals hall of Jacksons Airport, she had no idea why they were shouting for her to get into their car.

Twivey’s 85-year-old mother, frail and fragile, was travelling with her and she was confused, upset and frightened as she watched her daughter being manhandled into the car. But the police were determined not to let an old lady’s distress distract them from their zeal and would not let Twivey go back to speak with her mother.

…they were shouting, “get into the car – get into the car” aggressively

said Twivey.

It was only good fortune that Twivey’s driver was there to rescue her frail, confused and frightened mother – for Christian decency was not the order of the day with the police officers.

Twivey is a lawyer, she knows her rights and when she asked why the police wanted her to come with them, as she was not under arrest – the police officer replied that she was although ABC Australia was informed that she wasn’t.

…they were grabbing my arms and trying to shove me into the car – and I have bruises,

she said.

So what were Twivey’s sins that she was arrested and manhandled in this ignominious fashion?

Sam Koim - has his own questions to answer over corrupt actions that he'd rather avoid.
Sam Koim – has his own questions to answer over corrupt actions that he’d rather avoid.

It’s simple, her client is the Prime Minister and he has been targeted by anti-government forces led by police officers Damaru and Gitua, spearheaded by the former head of Task Force Sweep. – the anti-corruption fighter that has some of his own explaining to do, Sam Koim.

And explaining he would have been:

I was to cross examine Sam Koim and examine McRonald Nale on the source of the private funding of the policemen and Sam Koim for the past two years,

wrote Ms Twivey in a statement.

She says that the timing is not lost on her, for instead of appearing in the National Court on behalf of the Prime Minister – with Koim uncomfortably on the stand under her cross examination, today she will be required to appear in the District Court defending herself.

Koim should be breathing a sigh of relief, it would take considerable arrogance to deliberately lie on the stand, wouldn’t it?  Within the next few hours we would have known who has been behind all of these vexatious arrests – who’d been bankrolling the zealotry.  Serendipity or a deliberate ploy?

For as Twivey asked:

Why couldn’t they come to my office? I’ve been in the same office for 5 years/ same apartment?

Ms Twivey was also at pains to point out that when Justice Kirriwom referred her and lawyer Sam Bonner to the Law Society, he did so on an incorrect premise of which  Damaru and Gitua were well aware.  It seems that this was what the arrest was all about.

These policemen did not object or make any submissions against my appeal In the Supreme Court against referral to the Law Society as they knew Kirriwom J had got the facts wrong, and yet they now initiate a criminal process,

she asks, incredulously?

Justice Bernard Sakora whose sin seems to be deciding in favour of the PM
Justice Bernard Sakora whose sin seems to be deciding in favour of the PM

Which brings me to Justice Bernard Sakora, why was he, at this very point in time, being arrested for something that allegedly occurred in 2009 and which the likes of Task Force Sweep, under the guidance of Sam Koim, had known about for 6 years? What took them so long?

Well there IS that timing thing again that Ms Twivey remarked upon…and it’s no surprise that driving the arrest were police officers Damaru and Gitua.

How many such cases has Task Force Sweep been keeping to themselves and for how many years…and why? To what avail?

Sakora is alleged to have taken a bribe from lawyer under investigation, Paul Paraka.  Although the alleged bribe has been explained by Justice Sakora as the sale of a car, the explanation is not good enough for Damaru who alleges that Sakora should have declared the transaction when he presided over cases they were involved in.

However, as in Twivey’s case, he did not raise any objection in court, which would have been the appropriate time.

One commentator believes that this could be a thinly-veiled attempt to get Sakora off the bench – just as the motive for the Prime Minister’s arrest seems to be to get him to step down. Sakora has found for the Prime Minister lately, which is likely, his sin.

Someone suggested to me that this could be viewed as an ominous ‘warning’ to others not to cross them (Damaru, Koim Gitua) – be they lawyers, politicians or judges.

I wonder how much ‘dirt’ the files of Task Force Sweep contain, on whom and when these will see the light of day? It’s all in the timing, I guess.

What do you call a nation/state controlled by corrupt zealots and rogues who are answerable to no one and whose tools include vexatious arrest and blackmail? Just asking.

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22 thoughts on “Twivey and Sakora arrested: Justice scorned

  1. Can the fraud get copies of the registration details of this motor vehicle in question and get a reputable motor dealer to work out the value of motor at the time of the purchase.
    This does not look right. Why would an esteemed judge who has presided over parka cases even bother to sell his motor vehicle to Paul paraka??

  2. My question is.

    Susan Merrell what’s your interest in PNG and it’s affairs?
    You are a foreigner to this country and whose interest are you serving?

  3. The newsing seems right at this time but how. Could we proof all these Talkings when we have not reached finality in any one of thses cases?
    It is my view that, firstly, establish one allegation or rather the main allegation that seem to be the main point of discussion and the look into the excessaries or the accomplous to the main crime.

  4. A purely commercial transaction between a Judge and a separate legal entity (a company) on a sale of a motor vehicle landed the judge on the wrong side of the radar. Only in PNG…..

  5. The signature on the so-called letter directing the Secretary/Minister for Finance to settle Paraka bills is authentic. Everyone knows that. Yet all these are put behind and a cover up fight to justify the PM’s actions are been continuously published by this PNGecho to misinform and redirect everyone’s attention.

    Why would PM O’neill thru the previous Oneil/Namah gov’t establish the the Task Force Sweep and then replaced it with ICAC? Is it to serve his own interest?

    I think PNG Echo would know this?

  6. Let justice prevail. So tired of corruption. Susan have you come down to the grassroots and rural level to witness how corruption and this corrupt people are doing to the lives of many Papua New Guineans?

    I think not.

  7. Foreigner, (Susan).. It seems youre so concerned of Tiffany’s old mother’s distress when the police did not even lay a finger on her nor even bash her precious daughter.. I wonder if you’ve ever given a thought on the thousands of local PNG mothers that died due to curable diseases, complicated childbirths, hours and hours of walking to the nearest Clinic sorcery related killings, etc, etc, and the sad state of all children in these country who now have no mothers to care for them, just because of the level of corruption in this country where basic heath and law and order issues cannot be adequately addressed, and yet the tireless bid by hardworkng anti-corruption PNG’ans like Damaru, Gitua, and Koim are often being frustrated through the involvement of lawyers like Tiffany ..

    • Do I ever give a thought? DO I EVER GIVE A THOUGHT?? How dare you make assumptions. I do a lot more than just give a thought – as does Tiffany Twivey. The latest lot of bashings by your menfolk – yes they are PNGeans who perpetrate the assaults and murders – are being represented for nothing by the law firm of Tiiffany Twivey. The charity Susumamas, of which Twivey is the patron has done a lot to bring medical services to PNG women. As for me, I am constantly pressuring this government to enact legislation/procedural innovations to alter the horrific violence against women status. There’s never a week goes by that I don’t do something to further the cause – be that an article or a letter directly to a minister. I am the veritable thorn in their side over this issue. Corruption has not caused the state of nastiness of your menfolk – it’s a separate issue and to try to conflate them is just manipulative. It is PNG men who commit the horrific acts of violence – probably the same ones who you so valiantly cheer who you think are fighting corruption.

  8. Well, let’s see how they can argue and defend themselves in court. It’s too early to make assumptions. No one is above the law.

  9. Ms T. Twivey was at least expecting an arrest despite her not hinting her 85 year old mother about it. First, its Justice B.Sakora and now Ms Twivey and hopefully the lists will go on if someone is to talk. Justice has prevailed but has yet to be served.

  10. I believe that the lawfull process of arresting was followed to the pen. Secondly, police officers did not identify themselves before executing what I believe was an arrest. If we are trying to execute a change, then it should start from the enforcers of our legislation.

      • If an arrest is to be made, of a well known public figure, then why would you do it “aggressively” in public at the International Airport ?. Simply an exercise in intimidation ?. A public declaration that the Police Force is something to be “Afraid” of ?. Why all the shouting and physical intimidation ?. Anything to do with race and gender ????. Is Twivey the Lawyer to be treated any differently to the other Public Figures who are, respectfully asked to make them selves available for “interview” ??. I am always surprised by the inability of supposedly educated “Elites” men to hide their masoganisim (is that spelt wrong). Also bemused by the idea that because you are NOT Black, you can not understand PNG. I for one have been a guest in PNG for almost twice as long as the average age of the population. I suspect that I do in fact “understand” quite a lot. AND a lot of my PNG friends think so to.

  11. Susan you make the story line becoming a satirical or a scientific prose objectively creating alot of assumptions and bringing in mundane lines to make this event and agenda a trivial progression. Twiveys mother was not the only old woman who withness the events, my old fellow did as they came during the same flight and exterior. Your lines of argument by bringing in collateral scene are good for the pages in a book and in a court room, but NOT good for general public in PNG. Majority of PNG do not have indept understanding of English Literature and for the few that are directly involved here are SMART enough to display this courage given an opportunity. We need to cross boundries given the matrix of people we are dealing with. This is the Machiville technique displayed by my Detectives and those Law loving citizens! Your further lines falls within the same thoughts. The rest of the drama can be perform in the court rooms.

  12. Sakora deserved to be arrested so as Tiffany. It is written on the wall. In PNG nothing cannot be kept as secret and confidential. I walked and worked through the corridors of Waigani and have seen so much filth that are beyond comprehension. PM O’Neil must be arrested ASAP. I was there when he signed the letter authorising payment for Paraka. Why continue to deny Prime Minister?? Late night meetings doing CROOK deals are a norm and PO is the master of it using his close associates to execute his plans and CROOK deals. There is more.. I am glad that at last my contributions in providing evidences are used to expose the crooks. Police need to catch the BIG FISH and all will fall in place. You’ll be surprised of series of names that will be mentioned.

  13. Please explain to me one thing that doesnt make sense:

    A learned white women (lawyer) got into a car with a bunch of aggressive (shouting) black men that did not identify themselves, in PNG. And she did not know who they were or why they may be yelling at her. That would be kidnapping and as I know Tiffany (from Mount Hagen), she would not have got in that vehicle without a full on punchup.

    I call Bullshit on this.

    She had to know who they were and what it was all about. Granted I was not there to witness this incidence, and if the reports of the police behavior are correct, then it is deplorable. I do not defend their actions in the slightest, but I will not for one minute believe that she was unaware of who they were or why they were there to collect her.

    Could it be related to the accusations that she bribed a judge? Just asking.

    • I think you’ve got you wires crossed. The policemen eventually identified themselves and there has never been any suggestion nor accusations that Ms Twivey bribed a judge. That Justice Sir Bernard Sakora was also arrested and charged the same day has got nothing to do with Ms Twivey – in fact the other protagonist in Justice Sakora’s case is Paul Paraka. You are very confused – prejudice does that to you.

  14. When Judges and lawyers get arrested it always shapes history. We will not have to wait long to know how PNG turns this corner.

    The fact is Sir Ben is arrested for doing his job. The K100,000.00 transaction has always been a matter of record. Kepson bought Sir Ben’s car when it was was sold publicly. Sir Ben will have his day in court. Ms Twivey is also arrested for doing her job as a lawyer. Lawyers act on instructions. She too will have her day in court.

    Sad thing is that this may not be over for awhile. More Judges maybe arrested. Where there is smoke there is fire. Rumours are rife that senior Judges are compromising their discretion at the highest level due to their extra marital affairs, and rumors of wives /children of Judges ‘collecting’ for the family before daddy judge hands down the most outrages decision.

    If it is true that what goes around comes around, then this cat and mouse game will not be over for the police and politicians. Who is bank rolling Sam Koim and his police officers? What Sam Koim is doing will change the political landscape. Government is not funding Sam’s persecution of O’Neill. Sam and his lawyers must disclose their funding source, otherwise they too will be charged for accepting bribes.

  15. I think the man behind all this corruption is PM (O’Neill) for self gain. He want be on the safe side that’s why involving Judges and lawyers. Lawyers and judges must uphold their professionalism rather than comprising it. after all every one must serve the interest of this country. No one is above the Law so let the court finds our wrong doing by giving Damaru and Gitua full power to exercise. by then we will know……………..

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