He urinated into her mouth

By PNG Echo

With her nephew dead in the driver’s seat of the car from a gun shot wound and another man wounded and bleeding following a police chase, Londe Pindia was dragged, resisting, from the back seat of the same car by police at the scene.

Police killed her nephew and urinated into her mouth
Police killed her nephew and urinated into her mouth

She was afraid. In particular she feared being raped by the police.

But run-of-the-mill rape wasn’t depraved enough for this creature who was being paid to uphold the law.

Londe was ordered to lie down and open her mouth while he urinated into it and ordered her to drink it.

This incident brings up a plethora of issues about police brutality and the undisciplined nature of PNGs ‘disciplinary’ forces. (There ensued gun battles and retaliation by the military against the police as the two young men in the car were soldiers.)

Pacific-womenBut the incident also brings up, once again, the plight of women in PNG because the only way that this inhuman incident could have occurred is for the perpetrator to have believed that his victim was less than human and less than an animal for which he would have had more respect.

Raising the status of women

Many good people are trying to address the problem of violence against women in PNG and most agree it will take a multi-faceted approach and a gargantuan effort.

I am of the opinion that a large part of the solution lies with raising the status of women – especially in the eyes of men but also in the eyes of women themselves.

The lone female MP for many years, Dame Carol Kidu takes a courageous stance as sole opposition MP during the impasse in 2011 as the ‘Equality Bill’ that would have seen 22 reserved seats for women is shelved due to a lack of a voting quorum. Male MPs purposely absented themselves.

An efficient way of doing this it to have very visible women leaders for all Papua New Guineans to look up to – doing the same job as the parliamentary ‘Bik Men’

Yes, to sponsor women into the corridors of power at Waigani as Members of Parliament and Ministers of the State.

For it is only when the prestige of women is at the point that committing atrocities against her become unthinkable because of her status that things will start to change. The problem needs an attitudinal shift and this would provide it.

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8 thoughts on “He urinated into her mouth

  1. How many more times do we have to read stories like this before something is done to deal with police misconduct? Please don’t tell me someone is looking into it: I’ve heard that line too many times already.

  2. I’ve witnessed police brutality so many times. I have laid complaints myself BUT nothing has been done to this date. I am still waiting in vain… I can say it’s very hard because they defend themselves and hide their wrong doings. It the past we run to police when we encounter trouble but not today. People get scared to run to police, even when they needed help. What is wrong with the RCPNG? ..

  3. Maybe the Queen should think about removing the word ROYAL from the name of the Police Force in PNG so they are called the PNG Police Force but the problem is the force they use so how about PNG Plice Service to remind them that their job is to serve us?

  4. Lets not always put such police brutality cases in media, as you will get nothing out of it. In a police brutality scene don’t stand there watching the actions or you are just there to see it and upset yourself. Watch very carefully and you will notice names and file numbers on the shirt pocket areas or shoulder areas of uniforms. Simply take photo’s or if not short clips via you mobile phones and take the matter to court. The department has the money to pay you and policemen concern will be dealt accordingly by the department itself. Don’t sit there crying, sue the department.
    Hope everyone is clear with this message.

  5. Now a days most police were breaking the law and they themselves were above the law instead of being under the law! Two things; they should be taken to court or else they should be removed from their jobs.

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