…and Makail J, thinks Koim may be too

Contemptuous, that is…

sam-koin-interviewBreaking news:

Sam Koim today has been asked to show just cause why he should not be cited for contempt by Makail J in the Waigani courts.

The hearing of the substantive case of whether Investigation Task Force Sweep should be disbanded today was vacated and it is in serious jeopardy should the contempt charge go ahead.  See article below for details.

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One thought on “…and Makail J, thinks Koim may be too

  1. As I understand it, TFS is required to report to the PM and the NEC, not the public. Koim chose to report to the public with the aim of gaining popularity that he thought would make it more likely that the judge would set aside the NEC decision to shut down TFS. Koim has already fooled some biased media outlets who only ever run pro-Koim stories. For example, they do not appear to have run any story about the National Court requiring Koim to explain why he should not be charged with contempt. It is good to know Koim has not fooled Makail J.

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