Belden Namah’s demise: The ‘push’ factor (or: lack of effective leadership)

By PNG Echo

Namah on the campaign trail his bilum stuffed with K50 million
Namah on the campaign trail his bilum stuffed with K50 million

In a press statement issued earlier this week, Belden Namah, leader of a rapidly diminishing parliamentary opposition, vehemently denied that the defection of his MPs had anything to do with defective leadership and everything to do with the lure of money.  (A considerable irony, given his admission of using K50 million in the 2012 elections to buy votes and loyalty – yes Mr. O’Neill, I’m with you: where did that come from?)

Back in June of 2012 I wrote

It’s a sad spectacle to see Namah on the campaign trail, trying to buy admiration.  Showing off his expensive toys – an aircraft here, a landcruiser there, everywhere bundles of cash – never realising that people are more interested in his money than in Belden Namah.  He is attempting to buy with money something he never will be able to – admiration is not for sale.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister begged to differ with the denial saying that the defecting MPs had ‘lost confidence” in Namah’s leadership:

His abrupt and aggressive style of leadership is unheard of in Melanesian communities and [in] Melanesian style of leadership,

the Prime Minister stated.

Indeed, in the same aforementioned article, more than two years ago, I asked the question:

…[W]hen will pride become more important than money [to the Melanesian ‘Bikman’]?  How many more times will veteran politicians…such as the Highlander and former Deputy Prime Minister, Don Polye, put up with being publicly told to “F**king shut up?”   How much longer will Peter O’Neill, want to entertain a deputy or coalition partner that openly and publicly challenges superior authority, not understanding ‘chain of command’ in spite of all his military training.

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The demise of Belden Norman Namah: The kingmaker who would be king,

Slatev_tnc-BewareTheIdesOfMarchTurns2066752Sole MP in PNG Party and one of only three remaining MPs in the parliamentary opposition that he leads, Belden Norman Namah says he feels “betrayed” – quite rightly so, he has been. But, under the circumstances, why is he surprised?

They say that he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. In Namah’s case, the proverbial ‘sword’ was money – and if money was the means of his political rise, then, that this should also be the cause of his fall is poetic, writes PNG Echo. Continue reading The demise of Belden Norman Namah: The kingmaker who would be king,

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Lawyer, rapist, wife beater, mother beater, polygamist, conspirator, money launderer, thief…

… reads the profile of Senior Lawyer, Philemon Wass Korowi should all allegations against him be proven writes PNG Echo

White Collar crime

A busy man
A busy man

In a press statement, Sam Koim, of Task Force Sweep has confirmed that yesterday, Mr Korowi was arrested and  charged with:

4 counts of stealing from the state to the tune of over K10 million
4 counts of conspiracy to defraud the State
4 counts of money laundering

The charges were in relation to the Paraka matter where it’s alleged that in 2007, 2008 and 2010 Korowi used his firm’s trust accounts to facilitate and launder payments to Paraka – payments to which Paraka was not entitled.

Violence against women

Lawyer Wass Korowi's alleged victim - his wife's mother
Lawyer Wass Korowi’s alleged victim – his wife’s mother

In January of this year, Mr Korowi grabbed the nation’s attention and revulsion when his badly beaten mother-in-law (one of them), Lero Pat, made allegations of violence against him in an interview with TV station EMTV.

Ms Pat, still carrying the very visible and shocking facial injuries from his (alleged) attack, was so badly beaten that it became necessary to amputate one of her fingers.

Seems Mr Korowi was redefining and extending the idea of wife beating to include his mother-in-law – and, keeping it in the family, it is also alleged he raped his sister-in-law.

Yes, Mr Korowi has been a very busy man – not upholding the law but breaking it (allegedly) in more unspeakable ways than one.


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