Magistrate Pindipia detained by fraud squad

By PNG Echo.

Port Moresby, 30 July: 10:54 pm
Magistrate Pindipia was tonight picked up by police from Appollo Restaurant, East Boroko, and taken to Fraud Squad Headquarters where he is detained and being questioned in relation to a document that ordered the release of Paul Paraka who, until the production of the controversial document, was in police custody on charges relating to a K242 million fraud.

The document that facilitated Mr Paraka’s premature release emanated from Mr Pindipia and is regarded by the investigating authorities as “highly inappropriate.”

Furthermore, a police spokesperson said that it is suspected that such orders, on the part of the magistrate, are not isolated or confined to this one incident.

Mr. Pindipia, at time of going to press, was still assisting the authorities with their investigations.

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5 thoughts on “Magistrate Pindipia detained by fraud squad

    • I agree with PNG Hunters. Lets stop this nonsense. Let all the corrupt go free just like we used to. This new way of doing things, where we’re actually arresting the corrupt, is already getting annoying.

  1. I would like to encourage the Fraud and Anti Corruption Squad CSP Damaru and CIp Gitua not to leave any stone unturned.. We are dedicated officers of the Police Force and the onus is us to turn the tide around. If we have to arrest the entire members of Parliament including corrupt magistrates and lawyers let’s do it by all means. We gave the support of the silent majority and don’t forget the 99.99% loyal members of the force behind you. Go go go boys

  2. A handful of police officers may be corrupt but not the entire force as demonstrated. Let us support those who are dedicated and committed to uphold the criminal laws on the Indep.State of Papua New Guinea. If we don’t care about corruption and do nothing about it who is going to clean our shit? Australians? Never it’s our country and the onus is entirely upon us to clean our own shit.

  3. Pindipia. One time I was belted up and locked up . Taken to court and found not guity. I hope you will proof yourself not guity. Lord have mercy on you.