Mr Namah – who’s saying what? (An open letter to the Opposition Leader of PNG)

4033280-3x2-940x627Dear Mr Namah,
My father often used to say when I’d interrupt him:

“When I talk to the organ-grinder, I don’t expect the monkey to reply.”

Using this metaphor, PNG would be forgiven if they were getting confused as to who is who in your relationship (alleged) with Sonja Barry Ramoi.

I say “alleged” because while she is busy publicly giving the impression that the Opposition Leader of Papua New Guinea does not sneeze without her say so, you have been especially quiet about her.

All this from a man who the Prime Minister has stated has nothing to offer PNG but his big mouth – and NOW you’re quiet?

Anyway, Ramoi is often seen to write: “I will be advising him…” this – or “I told him to do…” that.  Which is all well and good because whoever has given you advice, it’s been spectacularly unsuccessful.

Can you count your MPs on the fingers of one hand yet?

But what is particularly disturbing is that it seems to be a two-way street – and according to Ramoi, you tell her things that she then disseminates widely. Trouble is, some of those things aren’t true – in fact they’re bare-faced lies – and I know that for a fact because one such whopper involves me. And Mr. Namah, both you and I know the truth of that.

So is she just reporting lies or making them up herself?

The minister, the Star and the rules of the game.  'SMH' headlines 14/3/12
The minister, the Star and the rules of the game. ‘SMH’ headlines 14/3/12

I also think that PNG deserves to know what’s happening with your alleged lawsuit against the Sydney Morning Herald. Ramoi has stated, more than once, that it is going ahead (you said) and that the newspaper has been served.

It would be displaying a laudable transparency if you would inform PNG of the details – which country, which court etc? By the way, how’s the defamation suit going against the Samoan Observer? I saw their response when you threatened to sue. ‘Bring it on’ – was the general gist of the reply – well did you?

If Ramoi is indeed part of your inner circle, can you please also dissuade her of  spreading her gratuitous speculation?

For instance, that I had anything to do with the incident at Star Casino. At that time, you would have not even known the name Susan Merrell, and you were definitely not on my radar.

Anyway, it would be difficult for me to have ‘set you up’ if it is still your claim that it wasn’t you…no…I beg your pardon…that your LAWYER said wasn’t you. (Another person who seems to have his hand up your back – or is it the other way around?)

Ramoi is making quite a name for herself disseminating lies and your alleged association with this does neither you nor the Opposition of Papua New Guinea credit.

Her latest one about lawyer Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr is a doosey.
I’ll let the lawyer speak for herself.

…last week Sonja Ramoi posted on PNG NEWS page what she said was purportedly an email from Legal Services Commission Queensland saying they had no record of me practicing in Qld – and intimating that I had lied about my qualifications when I applied for admission.  I wrote to the Queensland Legal Services commission and asked them to correct the situation which they did – and they say they have never had an enquiry by Ramoi – nor an enquiry about me – but confirm I practice in Qld from 1997 to 2001 – just under 4 years.

Seeking to destroy a professional reputation because of spite or whatever be the motive is quite possibly defamation – a charge to which Ramoi is no stranger.  It does rather smack of overconfidence when the person who could sue for libel is a lawyer and has the wherewithal to easily bring an action against her alleged defamer?

But then, this is not the first time she’s cast aspersions on Twivey-Nonggorr’s professionalism.

There was the time – not so long ago – that she was disseminating the erroneous fact that the aforementioned lawyer went into court without a practicing certificate. That was proved not to be true – but did Ramoi apologize…?

But really, Mr Namah, this is not about me, Ramoi or Twivey- Nonggorr, it’s about you.

rodeo-clownThe burning question is: when are we going to see you take the bull by the horns rather than hiding behind this metaphorical rodeo clown who’s yelling, “look at me, look at me?” Just asking.

Please rest assured that I will not read any refutation of this open letter by any of the Barmy Army – because as my Dad used to say…

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4 thoughts on “Mr Namah – who’s saying what? (An open letter to the Opposition Leader of PNG)

  1. I do not support the government nor the opposition.I support whoever fights whole heartedly for the good of my country PNG.Its not good trying to put one person down and jerking the other up.

    Just my view. Thanks

    • This story has nothing to do with anticorruption etc, it’s all about finding faults in others personalities etc. there seems to be a connection of some sort with everybody concerned or mentioned in this letter at the personal level..

      • The article talks of the self-proclaimed anti-corruption fighters.Look deeper, Frank. Many more profound and worrying issues are hidden behind banalities.

  2. Other burning issues should now be posted for the good of the public. The citing of the Opposition leader is no longer applicable and should make way for what is happening right now eg the UBS Loan.