Namah defeated

By PNG Echo

4033280-3x2-940x627Belden Namah, leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in Papua New Guinea has conceded defeat.

Politically, the Opposition is a spent force as Namah admits:

Your Parliamentary Opposition has done all it can within its means… Our numbers cannot make any difference on the Floor of Parliament…There is nothing further the Opposition can do…

But that’s not right.

There is one significant thing, in fact, that the opposition can still do – sack the leader and replace him with a more attractive alternative.

In any other political context this ineffectual leader would have been replaced a long time ago.

However, Mr Namah refuses to fall on his sword for the sake of Papua New Guinea depriving the country of a potentially vigorous and effective opposition.

No Mr. Namah, you have not done all you can do, you’ve not even done the least.

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5 thoughts on “Namah defeated

  1. That’s incorrect. The MP have been coerced to join O’Neil and that is the problem PNG has.
    Even if Basil or Dr Marat becoming the Opposition Leader, which MP will cross over. In fact, the six team opposition is the most formidable despite not having numerical strength in Parliament. They are real leaders that PNG needs.

  2. This is incorrect because the government has been biased on the distribution of the DSIP (withholding a district’s constitutional allocation is not fair).
    Even without more than 70% of his constitutional allocations, he can still manage his district and that shows he hasn’t lost.
    Maybe you’ve lost your direction and are on the wrong page…

  3. Have you heard of the ‘dog in a manger’. That’s Namah – he can’t do the job, as he’s admitted, but refuses to let someone else try. The last paragraph of his article reads like a political suicide note. Whose advice is he taking?

  4. So they say, “every dog has its day.” In PNG Politics, this speaks a lot. Surely, a soldier like Namah cannot submit this early. Again, “every cloud has a silver lining.” Keep fighting.

  5. If Namah concede defeat because of lack of Opoosition numbers this shows that PNG needs to revise the constitution and adopt two houses of counter check. Otherwise current govt shows authoritian rule. This is not democracy but mob o crazy.
    I keep on saying that it is 40 yrs by next year and we need to transform our political institution. Otherwise we breed Corruption worse than any nations.
    My heart is crying for a change to righteousness. From PNG The Writing is on the Wall.