Did sharpened fencing wire spell death for Manus detainee?

By PNG Echo

A local Manusian returning to Port Moresby today claims to know who killed the Iranian, Reza Berati at the Manus Island Detention Centre last week and how he died.

His information, he said, came from a local G4S guard from the Incident Response Team (IRT) who was guarding the perimeter fence that night and who went inside to quell the rioting.

According to his information, the riot was between ‘factions’ inside the compound, one more militant than the other.

Reza Berati, part of the more militant faction was killed by a Palestinian from the other faction with a piece of fencing wire, sharpened on the concrete and stabbed into Berati’s temple.

“The Iranian was forcing him [the Palestinian] to protest” explained the returning Manusian.  Apparently, the Palestinian didn’t want to protest so he stabbed Berati with the sharpened wire to prevent him from applying force.

This report is in direct contradiction to the other three versions of Berati’s injuries where he reportedly has either been stomped to death, head shoved in by a riot shield or beaten across the head with a length of timber.

So now, this version makes four.

In a scenario resembling Chinese whispers, clearly, there are tall tales coming from Manus – not all versions can possibly be true.  Good luck to Judge Canning trying to sort it out.

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6 thoughts on “Did sharpened fencing wire spell death for Manus detainee?

  1. The one thing the first three versions have in common is that all three methods can be classified ‘blunt force trauma to the head’, which has apparently been reported as the cause of death. None of the detainees spoken to have brought up factious tension. So it will be interesting to see where this goes.

  2. the aussies are conducting their own investigations, we are conducting our own, so where is this coordinated approach to dealing with asylum seekers??!!

  3. The death on Manus is as bad as how this project was agreed to at the first place.Its cosequences are creepy and panic buttons are pressed by confusing Australians and PNGeans leaders to investigate and outdo each other.Quick as a flash, the PNG Police Report has entered the public media which is very fishy. It has to some extend lost its confidentiality and reliability. The several versions by G4S personal (Aust n PNG) has revealed the weakness of the G4S security elements with the Police Task Force and Manus Loda subsidiary at Lombrum. It might be that many of these security personals have or are receiving sub-standard or outdated training to handle such international refugees. It is taboo to reveal sensitive matters which are yet to be investigated fully. Are these fanatics covered by any security and confidential classification at all? They must come under full scrutiny as well !

  4. This is applied bullshit!! How could one remove a piece of wire fencing with bare hands? Their are no tools in their to cut wires or steel This is another cover up by G4S for their Actions. The G4S went in with Pieces of Branches and pieces of steel rods and started bashing detainees at will.. They should have used tear gas or rubber bullets to quell the riots. These camps should be taken out of a Military Base and placed somewhere else where the Australian Military Forces will handle security instead of wasting Aussie Taxpayers money on paying in-experienced PNG personnel who were not trained to handled such situations.. Now who is responsible for this death that has sparked a public outcry in Aussie and has labeled Peaceful Manus Island as a Horror and a Death Camp? Does G4S or the Camps themselves have CCTV Cameras installed to see who actually killed the young man?? Don’t you guys listen to what G4S are saying, they’re full of Shit!!

  5. Is there anywhere in Australia where the Asylum processing centre totally dominate or taken over a military base like this one in Lombrum Naval Base? Can the PNG’s Defence Minister answer this boiling issue in the hearts of the Sailors in PNG? Security for this nation is already sold to hell!