So who’s telling the truth? DSIP funds again

By PNG Echo

Hon Samuel Basil wants Bulolo's DSIP funds
Hon Samuel Basil wants Bulolo’s DSIP funds and he wants them NOW
James Marape says he has them - subject to budgetary constraints
James Marape says he already has them – subject to budgetary constraints









Finance MinisterJames Marape, has denied the claims of Sam Basil that Wau/Bulolo is being discriminated against in the distribution of DSIP funds (along with the electorates of all Opposition MPs) because of political affiliations. ( (Post Courier 28 February 2014)

Just last night on social media, Sam Basil claimed that he had received only K3million of DSIP funding with a second payment of K3 million being inaccessible because it was deposited in the wrong account.

There has also been an ‘urgent’ appeal to the Supreme Court, lodged by the Opposition, to halt payment of 2014 DSIP monies.  It will be heard on March 14.

Marape made this offer to Basil:

If the Leader of Wau-Bulolo cares to come to the Finance Department, like all leaders are doing, he would appreciate the K7 million has been already remitted to the district and province meant for development.

He went on to say:

Sam Basil knows that K7million for DSIP and K5million for the provincial improvement program and the K500,000 each for all LLGs in the district has been paid already,

This makes the allocation to Wau/Bulolo K13.5 million

Marape denied any discrimination saying that budgetary constraints affect the distribution of DSIP funds and that not only opposition members are affected.

Marape claims his district of Tari/Pori has the same K3million outstanding too.

History repeats

Ironically, Marape accused Basil (when Basil was National Planning Minister) of doing his own ‘politicking’ with goverrnment funds .

During that time Marape claimed Basil had given more money to Wau/Bulolo than anywhere else and in contrast had not given “…a single toea to districts that were opposing [him],” (and it seems that included Marape’s electorate.)

Marape further accused Basil of of shameless self promotion saying:

…Wau-Bulolo is bigger than your [Basil’s] political agenda.

In this Marape has a point.

Basil is particularly media-savvy and has been known to ‘beat up’ many an issue, creating a media ‘storm in a teacup.’

...while Basil towers over his fellows
…while Basil towers over his fellows
Somare's companions tower over him
Somare’s companions tower over him

Who can forget the legendary exchange where septuagenarian Sir Michael Somare (who stands not much taller than 5 feet) lost his temper in Parliament and threatened  Sam Basil (Six foot plus, International martial arts champion, who had yet to reach his fortieth year) that he would “Kilim”

Those with even a cursory knowledge of Tok Pisin would understand that “kilim” does not translate to ‘kill him’.  Nevertheless, Basil did the rounds of the media publicizing the  ‘death threat’ from this old frail man.

It’s almost as funny as a young Noel Anjo Kolao being ‘slipper whipped’ by the matriarch Lady Veronica Somare.

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5 thoughts on “So who’s telling the truth? DSIP funds again

  1. While they continue to point fingers at each other,the Welfare and concerns of the Citizens still remain unheard.As if those monies are from their personal ‘wallet’ no shame indeed!

  2. I’m fluent in Tok Pisin ( former senior Kiap), and my understanding of the word “kilim” when aimed at another person, would normally mean to kill ( homicide). However, I doubt that Mr. Somare would have had that intent.

  3. James Marape is a big fat windows dresser , why would Sam Basil seek Supreme Court reference if money for his electorate was paid. Rewind time and you will see that SB was talkin about other Opposition MPs. Simply James Marape is a liar.

  4. maturity is missing from leaders like Marape.such leaders need God to guide them to see the realities of the ordinary people’s plight where services for them is never being seen nor felt.Marape is a rich man while thousands in Bulolo are not. Shame!

  5. Fact. BULOLO and other opposition electorates were paid a million at a time totaling to k3 million by June. Before 31st December, no monies were paid citing cash flow problems. It is unbelievable that 105 government MP are paid there is cash available and on the same day the 6 opposition MP can’t be paid due to cash flow.
    Nothing was paid as at 31st December and few days into January K3 million was directly deposited into Morobe Provincial Government account without informing Bulolo or Morobe.
    Hon Marape is lying knowing very well that the District Treasurer reports to his Secretary for Finance.
    The District Treasurer, in a embarrassing situation wrote a letter to his Minister that only K3 million has reached him and is not aware of what other DSIP he was talking about.
    Since the truth is told Hon Marape backs off and Secretary for Finance jumps into the frying pan.
    Simple maths is 10 – 3=7 yet to be paid.
    I am using paid because the cheque are printed and MP line up at Parliament to pick up instead of direct deposit from Department of Finance to the District account.