…and so the storyteller becomes the story

Nice writing Carmella Gware of the Post Courier.  Bravo to the editor of the Post Courier, Alexander Rheeney for having the guts to publish.  Who says PNG media is a puppet of politicians?


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7 thoughts on “…and so the storyteller becomes the story

  1. Bravo Bravo!!! I am a keen follower of PNG echo and based overseas, this is the site that breaks down politics to its dirt for. I like the way you put it out raw.

    And thank you Carmella for the great publication on Dr. Merrell.

  2. Susan Merrel’s feature on the Post Courier currently sounds like this: She admited very frankly she is not from PNG but the appraoches she has undertaken to rid corruption, a very determined person, she deserves a PNG Citizenship because she really does what she does as a caring person. Cheers Dr.Suz.

  3. Cheers Susan for your passion against corruption in PNG. You are the voice of countless thousands who feel the same way but are ignorant of the facts and information that shows how our greedy and selfish leaders and beauraucrats get away with every day.
    Those of you who have factual inside info on various corrupt practices and dealings in PNG please forward them to Susan to publish on ECHO so we can all be informed.
    I salute you for your bravery!