The week that was ending 20 January 2014. The day the circus came to town

By PNG Echo

CQ-020-Circus-Big-TopMore sideshows have been added this week to ‘Belden’s Big Top’, the (quasi) anti corruption circus that opened early in January with Belden performing the ‘Arrest the Prime Minister Dance’.

2013-09-05 09.16.06This clumsy dance was clearly self-choreographed, with Belden soon stumbling on his own amateur dance steps as the professionals (lawyers) proved to the arbitrators (courts) that the dance was unworthy.

And although, Blind Freddy could see his footprints all over the choreography, Belden chose to hide his light under a bushel and attributed it to four of PNGs finest.

It was a poison chalice that he’d handed the police officers (although it’s alleged that the pot was sweetened) because the four were suspended from their duties for disobeying orders.  (They had been told not to dance with the devil.)

circusAs I write, a major new attraction is opening in the courts of Waigani where Belden will give a benefit performance for the four disgraced police officers while trying to avoid being hit by the flying daggers of the knife thrower with deadly aim, Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga.

The ringmaster will be Justice Cathy Davani with Belden’s magic tricks ably assisted by his ‘dancing girl’ the failed SABL Commissioner, Alois Jerewai.

None of Belden’s old friends were invited

Here’s hoping that this stunt will be as entertaining as the sideshow that happened yesterday at Belden’s camping ground in Gordons where people gathered on their way home from church for fun, games and photographs with the principle clown.

There was even a mock battle – the atmosphere pure pantomime:


The size of the crowd according to the Barmy Army - exaggerated, of course.
The exaggerated size of the crowd according to the Barmy Army.

“We’ve come to arrest Belden,” the nasty policemen said

“You can’t arrest me,” said Belden, “I’m the most celebrated clown in all of Papua New Guinea.”

“Oh yes we can,” replied the law enforcement officers

“Oh no you can’t,” yelled back the crowd in unison.

And a good time was had by all until the police left to the cheering and the fist- waving of the excited crowd.

The event could only have been improved if it had provided a face painting stall for the children and a sausage sizzle.

The Main Event – overshadowed and stymied.

2013-09-05 09.19.19As Belden’s dance became more frantic, the main event in the anti corruption fight has been continuing apace elsewhere even while people have been distracted by the maniacal antics of the Clown Prince of PNG and his Barmy Army.

Sam Koim of TFS told PNG in a press statement that he would be interviewing two of the key suspects in the alleged facilitating of the payment of K71.8 million to lawyer, Paul Paraka.

They happen to be two senior government ministers, James Marape and Don Polye.

What’s more, he  intimated that while he doesn’t have enough evidence to charge the Prime Minister, that is not the case with these two, who ominously admitted that they had perused the necessaries before authorizing the payment.  Very damaging.

If TFS indeed has enough evidence, then there would be nothing to stop them from arresting the ministers.

Don Polye’s interview was scheduled for today, James Marape’s was last Friday

But has anyone bothered to inquire as to what happened. Oh no,

While the antics of Belden the Bellicose are all over the Post Courier (I’ve yet to see a copy of the National) so far, I can’t find mention of what happened at Marape’s interview on Friday.

Did he show up for it?  Was any new evidence uncovered?  Was he arrested?

I have put these questions to TFS Chairman, Sam Koim and, as yet, he has not got back to me.  It may be because he’s conducting that all-important interview with Polye as I write.   When the answers become available, I will publish them.

Something for PNG to ponder: There’s an old song whose lyrics say: “As you go through life remember your goal/Keep your eye on the doughnut and not on the hole.”  Need I point out which is which?


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