Breaking News: Case withdrawn, costs against Namah

By PNG Echo

Proceedings to be heard today in the court at Waigani were withdrawn by Counsel for Hon Belden Namah, Alois Jerewai, in lieu of new proceedings that had been filed by him on behalf of Namah last Friday, that included the four members of the RPNGC.

Although Jerewai wanted to carry the costs across to the new proceedings, lawyer Tiffany Twivey – Nonggorr, acting for the Prime Minister, argued against, saying that the the proceedings that Namah had initially filed were not “proper” and that Namah should pay costs of all defendants including the four policemen involved.

The sitting judge agreed and all costs were awarded against Namah.

The new matter was adjourned in order for all parties to be served – until then, the content of the filing is not widely known but it is believed to involve the four members of the RPNGC. Hon Don Polye and Hon James Marape were also joined to the proceedings.

In the interim, the court has made an order restraining all parties and police from affecting any arrests concerning the subject matter and all parties have been restrained from taking any steps concerning the subject matter of the new adjourned case, including any steps that would be detrimental to peace and good order.

The matter has been adjourned for three weeks

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3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Case withdrawn, costs against Namah

  1. please, to everyone member of parliament, wether the opposition or gorvernmnt and also the buereacrats of both including our security personals(police/army) and over all is the jurdisction “must not” get sides for indivitual gain,but let justice prevail, for so long this great nation has been creeped through self greed from Somare till tete..
    awaiting justice..

  2. you know,my background in the military(Aust) asked for nothing but honesty and integrity.I serve with that distinction and left the Force with confidence in this PNG Government. Now it has gone to the dogs to the point of no return. Cry my beloved PNG.