Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill speaks:

As posted on Facebook page of PNC – in response to the appeal for the women of Wewak – allegedly brutalized by the police.

*** Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill takes swift action ****

Prime Minister, O'Neill.
Prime Minister, O’Neill.

The Police Minister and Prime Minister Hon Peter O’Neill has moved quickly this morning on the allegations of rape involving a PNG Police Officer. “I have spoken to the Police Commissioner and he is totally aware of the situation and we are dealing with this as a high priority. Our Police in PNG need to be a respected unit and trusted by the community. The Police Commissioner is investigating this situation and will advise me on the outcomes of this. Violence against women in PNG will not be tolerated and I personally pass on my sympathy’s (sic) to the victim. I am also concerned by the other allegations of another woman being arrested due to protesting over the crime committed. Again we are moving quickly to have all the facts, and then take the necessary action. Please allow the Police to investigate this matter throughly (sic) and I promise there will be arrests once we have all the facts.”

The Prime Minister continued with his comments, condemning the social media journalists for there (sic) extended comments on PNG as a country, “PNG is not a failed state, PNG is not a state of anarchy. We are a developing country like others around the world. We are meeting the challenges of being a developing country and not everything is going to be perfect like many other countries around the world. The journalists making these statements from outside PNG, need to come to PNG and see what the day-to-day challenges are. I agree the crime committed is inexcusable, and I want justice for these women. However these journalists comments are simply not true. We have not lost control of our disciplinary forces, we are not sliding into a state of anarchy. If we talk facts then we can achieve anything. If we talk nonsense, we get nothing. There will be arrests once the Police complete there investigations, and I will be following this to ensure a quick outcome”


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2 thoughts on “Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill speaks:

  1. I wonder mr priminister if you’re also looking into how the task force miss uses their powers on png civilians and how a mate can just make a phone call to a wantok whos in the task force to go and bash up a 19yr old boy!! He is not a criminal nor did he break any laws!! Its an outrage that they get away with such behaviour!! This concerns me as it happened to my nephew and nothing is been done about as if its ok to do such a thing!! These people need to be held accountable for their actions!! This happened at warrangoi next to nukumal plantation!! I would appreciate a response to this post!

  2. Mr PM, Look back at your backyard. Violence against women and rape is the talk of the year after year and you are simply blind. In saying that PNG was once a state moving on but it’s not today, very sad! The foreign journalist is fully right and I as an individual support her views and comments. Mr PM, PNG and the world is watching closely on you and you better do your job deligently and be transparent. I as a PNGian working and living overseas am seriously concerned about the current political issues, greed and power hungry politicians and white collar boys reaping off PNG. Ta!