Prime Minister: are you talking to me?

The Foreign Journalist
The Foreign Journalist

My response as posted in the ‘comments’ section of the Prime Minister’s PNC facebook page.

By Susan Merrell

Mr. Prime Minister, I guess that would be me you’re referring to. Feel free to call me by name.

With all due respect, are you even aware of what constitutes a failed state? I agree, PNG is not one at present, but if you do not pull your disciplinary forces into line there is definitely the potential there. If you are of the belief that a police force that gang rapes women and then beats up women who dare to complain about the crime is not anarchy, then we have a differing understanding of the word. Anarchy already reigns in pockets of PNG.

You have coveted the portfolio of Minister of Police, so I guess the buck stops with you – and even if it went beyond you, the buck would stop at you again as PM.

Mr Prime Minister, maybe it is you who should travel (without the diplomatic entourages) and witness how others around the world live – then hang your head in shame – I would were I you.

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One thought on “Prime Minister: are you talking to me?

  1. We Really are in a state of anarchy, when the person who is prime minister is implicated in massive fraud, over the Paul Paraka pay out which he benefited from.