By the way…New recruit to the Barmy Army.

6a00d83454f2ec69e20154389da15f970c-250wiI read with sadness (twitter profile) that Martyn Namorong is now in the employ of the Opposition Leader, making him no longer an independent commenter.
Namah has managed to compromise so many supposed ‘corruption fighters’ by putting them on the payroll. All that it says to me is that the only reason they were fighting corruption in the first place was because they had sour grapes at not being the recipients of it (yet). Well now they are.

Namah has effectively managed to stymie investigation of his activities by paying the lukewarm patriots that are the Barmy Army.   I guess that means it’s up to the PNG Echo. Well, I’m onto it.

Addendum (30 November, 7 pm – PNG time):   Since publishing this post a few hours ago, Namorong has removed from his Twitter profile all mention of being employed by the Office of the Opposition of PNG – seems he is still a communications consultant though. 

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