By the way…New recruit to the Barmy Army.

6a00d83454f2ec69e20154389da15f970c-250wiI read with sadness (twitter profile) that Martyn Namorong is now in the employ of the Opposition Leader, making him no longer an independent commenter.
Namah has managed to compromise so many supposed ‘corruption fighters’ by putting them on the payroll. All that it says to me is that the only reason they were fighting corruption in the first place was because they had sour grapes at not being the recipients of it (yet). Well now they are.

Namah has effectively managed to stymie investigation of his activities by paying the lukewarm patriots that are the Barmy Army.   I guess that means it’s up to the PNG Echo. Well, I’m onto it.

Addendum (30 November, 7 pm – PNG time):   Since publishing this post a few hours ago, Namorong has removed from his Twitter profile all mention of being employed by the Office of the Opposition of PNG – seems he is still a communications consultant though. 

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Cairns real estate – who owns what?

The Finance Department, the IRC and the Bank of PNG were, this week, summoned before the Public Accounts Committee to report on money laundering measures.  In conclusion:  “The Committee and the three institutions agreed that the country is vulnerable to money laundering…” (National 28 November 2013.)

By PNG Echo.

Sam Koim, of Anti-Corruption Task Force Sweep told an AUSTRAC audience in Australia last year that of all the investments by PNGeans in Cairns real estate,

“Not all…can possibly be derived from legitimate funds.”


To recap on my article in PNGs Post Courier, around this time last year: between the dates of 29 September 2005 and 16 October 2012, 92 properties have been purchased in Cairns by 65 entities.

In the five years to 30 June 2011, PNG nationals had invested K78 million in Cairns property.

Of the 65 entities, I have sought to identify people whose position makes them a servant of the people of Papua New Guinea (or a close associate of a public servant) – in other words, those people about whose financial dealing the public has a ‘right to know.’

Some may have escaped my notice, some interesting purchases may have been made on behalf of an individual by another individual or company – so far this is the list:

Note: This report has not taken into account property that has been traded in the last 13 months (bought and sold).

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Ok Tedi Landowner company rorted: Mangi Mining with Tony Stone:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Lord Acton

O'Neill taks control of Ok Tedi
O’Neill takes control of Ok Tedi

As Peter O’Neill seeks to gain absolute power and control over revenues from Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML), another power hungry man, Paul Anthony Povey, rises to fame and fortune through mismanagement and corruption of the mine’s umbrella landowner company, Fubilan Catering Services (FCS).

The power monopoly was established on the arrival of the new incumbent to the job of CEO of Ok Tedi, Alan Breen, in 2007, when he removed the reputable international caterer, Eurest South Pacific, as managers of FCS and appointed a single person, Paul Povey as Manager.

Paul Povey
Paul Povey

Observers attribute the start of Povey’s rise to fame, fortune and power to the very close personal relationship he established with Breen between 2007 and 2010.

With this appointment, Povey gained control over the company’s management, it’s finances and overwhelming influence over the ill-educated, ill-informed and ignorant local directors who represent the shareholders in the investment company Star Mountain whose investment (FCS) Povey was managing.

 Favours for friends and living the high life

Despite criticism from the OTML community, Breen, compromising the integrity of the office of the Managing Director, pursued the relationship with Povey to the point of using his position to influence decisions in Povey’s favour.

Twin Otter Aircraft at Tabubil Airport
Twin Otter Aircraft at Tabubil Airport

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The week that was – 25 November 2013:

The Budget, the conviction, the OC referral, the Opposition and the Barmy Army, and a Lam to the slaughter

By PNG Echo

 Hooray for Sam!

Sam Koim. The hero of the hour
The hero of the hour

PNG Echo’s first duty to ‘the week that was’ is to congratulate Sam Koim and the members of Task-Force Sweep (TFS) for the conviction against the now-proven corrupt MP, Paul Tiensten.  Here’s hoping the sentence adequately reflects the crime.  May it be the first conviction of many.

Sam Koim has a few people justifiably rattled judging by his posting on Facebook of the attempted hi-jack and robbery of his offices last week.  It was unsuccessful and the team lives to fight another day.  Corruption, you may have just met your match.  You have a reason to be afraid. Bravo Sam and team.

 The resurrection and Dr Manoka

Dr Billy Manoka - referred to Public prosecutor by OC
Dr Billy Manoka – referred to Public prosecutor by OC

Good news: the Ombudsman’s Commission is alive and well (?)- Just when I thought that, one day, someone would access their offices just to find a ghost department drifting in a sea of apathy – (much the same as when they found the ship the Marie Celeste floating at sea with no one on board) – up pops a referral to the Public Prosecutor of Dr Billy Manoka the Associate Commissioner of the Independent Consumer Competition Commission for alleged misconduct in office.  The allegations were heard by the OC and responded to by Dr Manoka over two and a half years ago.  It seems the OC is not dead, just slow.

Naughty Billy has neglected to fulfil the statutory requirements of one in public office and has failed to submit annual financial statements to the OC.  Social media commentators have criticized the OC for concentrating on what they regard as a misdemeanour by Dr Manoka while seeming to ignore more flagrantly egregious matters.

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Lest we forget

Below we have the second in our series of ‘Lest we forget’.  It seems PNG hasn’t

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LEST WE FORGET: Corruption allegations in the NCDC

By PNG Echo

It was over two years ago that the allegations were made.  They were specific and they were detailed – naming names and providing back up evidence in the form of National Capital District Commission (NCDC) financial statements.

All the allegations and evidence were published in 2011 by website, PNG Exposed.

Hon Powes Parkop, Governor of PNGs National Capital District
Hon Powes Parkop, Governor of PNGs National Capital District

In the frame was Powes Parkop, Governor of the National Capital District, his City Manager, Leslie Alu and Financial Advisor, Augustine Ravi.

The ‘Internal Audit’ from where the allegations emanated, was addressed to David Conn, Chairman NCDC Audit Committee.  It was marked as Ultra Vires (without authority) – it was not an official report. It was by an anonymous whistleblower, whose identity to this day remains unknown. On the first page of the report the author told of his “fear of reprisal” and hence the need for anonymity.

Hon Powes Parkop, Governor of NCD and Hon Justin Tkatchenko, Member for Moresby South Open and Minister for Sports and Pacific games
Alleged Political allies, Hon Powes Parkop, Governor of NCD and Hon Justin Tkatchenko, Member for Moresby South Open and Minister for Sports and Pacific games

The allegations therein involved misuse of NCDC funds to the possible illegal enrichment of the Governor, his City Manager and his Financial Advisor.  This was done by the wanton and arbitrary awarding of lucrative contracts to Parkop’s alleged political ally and now Member for Moresby South Open and Minister for Sports and Pacific Games,  Justin Tkatchenko – aka the PNG Gardener (and/or his companies). Other companies associated with Parkop’s Financial Advisor, Augustine Ravi are said to have also wrongly benefited, including Agility, Autozeal and 15 Mile Smash Repairs who the author claims are all owned by Indian nationals, friends and acquaintances of Ravi.

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‘Allo ‘Allo! What’s happening in Alotau?

(editor’s note) Would a concerned citizen who has the means, please print out this article and distribute amongst the citizens of Milne Bay, Alotau.  Thank you.

By a concerned citizen and a confused observer.

Milne Bay Province (MBP) is an undiscovered jewel in PNG’s tourism industry. But, it looks as if some businesses are positioning themselves to bring about a change to this.  Has anyone else noticed the changes taking place on our beach-fronts?

Milne Bay 2

Look at this picture: an ugly concrete wharf jutting out into this beautiful bay; it’s rumored that this is only one of two or more such jetties built of concrete and strategically located in our beautiful bays.



This surely means that someone is getting ready to do business – a concrete jetty, naturally protected deep water bay, a beautiful people, friendly coastline and even a small clean community market – ideal for a tourist business, but whose? Is it going to be ours or some big business company who will move in and move us out?

It’s not as if the jetty is ‘user-friendly’ for local dinghies; indeed, why aren’t the local dinghies tied to the jetty? There are no women, children and men throwing out lines; no dinghy owners and passengers jostling to load up and head up along the northern coastline to Taupota-Wamira-Wedau-Baniara and keep going. Did the local communities ask for an unsustainable concrete jetty? If not, then why was this jetty (and the others) built on our front beach?

Locals on the beach
Locals on the beach

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Coming to PNG Echo:

  • Cairns property: what the Post Courier didn’t publish and Oz TV didn’t know.
  • Spotlight on Polye. The man behind the beard
  • What’s happening in Alotau, asks a concerned citizen?
  • …and continuing with the theme of ‘Lest we forget’ two controversial matters revisited – exposed by the media but not satisfactorily explained. Forgotten but not forgiven.

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The week that was – ending 18 November 2013

By PNG EchoPhoto on 2013-07-05 at 03.26 #2

Welcome to the first of a regular feature of PNG Echo where we look back on the more interesting things that happened in the week passed – the week that was.

Although, it was ‘the week that wasn’t’ for the recently convened ‘Social Media Activists’ group.  A most welcome addition to the PNG political scene, this new group is having trouble harnessing its considerable passion and channeling it into effective protest.

Last week’s planned protest was quickly abandoned when the government (which they were planning to protest against) ruled their gathering illegal.  That they never envisaged this opposition to their plans is a considerable failing.  They’d do well to heed the words of Sam Koim who famously said: “When you fight corruption, it fights back. ”

How to run a successful protest
How to run a successful protest

Their ‘contingency’ plan of a ‘stop work’ day though, is particularly ill-conceived and bordering on the criminally negligent.  There can only be two outcomes of this plan either it is going to be successful or it’s not.  Should the latter be the case (and the most likely scenario according to precedent) then they have exposed themselves to the government to be ‘paper tigers’…but there’s worse if the plan is successful.

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We’ve Arrived!

Photo on 2013-10-22 at 23.11
Dr Susan Merrell

Welcome to the launch of PNG Echo – a website that invites and encourages everyone to become a whistle-blower on corruption. If you’ve ever wanted to spill the beans but were afraid of the repercussions, here’s your chance.  Thank you to the friends of PNG who have already contributed, your information is on the drawing board and will be published soon – but keep the information flowing.  A journalist is only as good as her sources.
For an insight into the ideology surrounding the website, please see our ‘About’ page and use the ‘contact’ page to tell me what you know, knowing it will be in complete confidence.

Our inaugural article

The very first article on PNG Echo tackles the genesis of one of the most burning political issues currently in PNG: the ‘Paraka Affair’ and its links to systemic and chronic corruption.

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